Decisions and Motivation


Ever had one of those days when everyone around you is making better decisions than you are? Welcome to my life!

I work at a fitness company am probably the most obese person here. Did I mention I’ve worked here for 11 years??? You would think I would have started making healthier choices along the way.

Lately I’ve been thinking about seriously making some changes. My husband and I could both afford and benefit to lose over 100 pounds each. YES, you read that right, 100 pounds EACH!!

Today my company catered a lunch for all the employees. These are great because I don’t have to pack a lunch and today was Mexican food. One of my favorites. I ordered the carne asada burrito; a personal favorite and I ate the entire thing, along with chips and guacamole. Will you let me off the hook for drinking water instead of soda?!?!?! My husband and I recently made a conscience decision to quit soda and while we are not perfect we are no longer buying the empty calories for my husband or the poison diet soda for me. Have you seen the research on that?

But I digress; my coworkers sitting at my table did the following: 1. ate her salad leaving the yummy fried tortilla shell. 2. Cut her burrito in half before she even started eating. 3. Stopped eating about halfway through and saved the rest. And me, like the lone male at the table finished the entire burrito. Shoot me now!

I have blamed genetics and my upbringing on how I look and my bad decision making process. I was taught to clean my plate. Old habits die hard.

But it’s all on me. Yes genetics can play a significant role on how my body uses food and responds to exercise, but it’s all me at the end of the day. What I do is because I choose to do so. Now as a mother of a 7-year old and a 4-month old I look in the mirror and see a FAT WOMAN!! I want to be like Jen of Prior Fat Girl and have my confessions be motivators for me to make the right choices more often.

Won’t you join me on my journey?


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