Finding my Footing


I was born with bilateral club foot. Not a big deal if you never care to run or jump. But growing up always left me with a sense of being the one forgotten. In elementary school I was usually the last one picked for any team. It was usually a struggle for my classmates to choose between me and the one mentally challenged girl in the class. They knew I would slow them down and I knew it too. It still hurt.

By the time I was 12 and heading into middle school I had undergone 7 surgeries to correct my feet. I could walk and when that last cast came off I could even wear almost “normal” shoes. But I would never run or jump…no matter how I tried. I wished I could break free from my feet and feel the earth pounding beneath me. But it was never meant to happen. I used this inability to run or jump as an excuse to not be active. I decided it wasn’t in the cards and to let bygones be bygones. Not a wise choice on my part, but we’ve already discussed my inability to make wise choices in regards to my health.

Now here I am over 20 years since my last surgery and I wonder how I got where I am. I am successful. I have a college degree and a masters degree in Business Administration. I have a husband and 2 beautiful daughters and I am good at what I do. So how am I measuring success? I am measuring the steps I have taken to get to where I am with the need to be healthy. My husband loves me just the way I am although I know he wouldn’t mind me losing a few inches or more. But the decision, as always, has to be mine. I have to say this is for ME!!

Today driving into work I thought how nice it would be to hit the track at the middle school and run at least a mile. I might have a coronary if I do that. My blog post I am working on for work right now includes the top 10 excuses why people don’t exercise. I can relate to a few of those.

Can anyone tell me what gets them going when all the going seems to be gone???


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