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E-mealz Giveaway

E-mealz Giveaway

I was on 5 Minutes for Mom site this morning and saw this awesome giveaway.

I don’t know about all of you who have it all figured out, but this mom could use a little help with meal planning. Each weekend Chris and I try to meal plan for the week but it doesn’t always happen…AND we get sick of eating the same things over and over again.

This meal planning/shopping site looks amazing and even if I don’t win I may sign up to try the service. They even have vacation meal planning for 12 or 24 for a one-time fee. I can tell you from our family vacation last June, there were over 20 of us and while we managed to meal plan pretty well, this service could have done most of the work for us. Who doesn’t like a little help from time to time?!?!?

Check out this link to enter to win this giveaway…I really hope I win, but if I don’t maybe you will!


A Mother’s Love


The other day I was at my doc’s office and the nurse was talking about how much our children change our lives and how we would do anything for them. She put it in the perspective that if we could imagine how much we love our children, our moms feel the same way about us. It was a good talk. I mean, I know my mom loves me but to imagine her loving me much as I love my babies makes we appreciate her even more.

Too often I think we find ourselves involved with our lives. We can reflect on our childhood and there will be memories of good times and bad. We have the memories of depending on our moms to handle anything because they know everything. Then we get to our teen years and our moms know absolutely nothing. By the time we reach adulthood many of us come to the realization that yes, our moms were right about most of it. But then we become parents and the changes that happen to our hearts is amazing.

My girls are 7 years old and 4 months old and right now they still think I am amazing. Do I dread the day they come to the realization that I’m fallible? Perhaps, but dwelling on that notion will not benefit me today and I need to focus on the fleeting time that is their childhood.

Did I ever stop to think about how much my mom loves me? I don’t think so. I can remember the times she fought for me and stayed by my side in some of the lowest times of my life, even when I didn’t know she was aware of my agony. But now that I have two amazing children and I cannot imagine my life without them I KNOW my mom’s love radiates into the depth of her soul and is an outpouring of herself into my life and the lives of my sisters.

So here we are completely away from the month of May and Mother’s Day and I’m saying thank you to my mom for loving me through life’s ups and downs and accepting me as I am even when I know I’ve broken your heart.