God’s Grace is like Gravity


Have you heard this one before? A ping pong ball, a baseball and a bowling ball all walk into a bar…


Ah, never mind. We’ll get back to those in a minute.


What do you think of when you think of gravity? Most likely you think of the force of nature that holds you on this planet we call Earth. So then, how is God like gravity? According to Pastor Pete, at Crosswalk Church in Napa, CA, God is like gravity in the fact that he is always there and he is everywhere.


The rate of a falling object, on Earth, is the same for all objects. If I drop a ping pong ball, a baseball and a bowling ball all at the same time, they all fall at the same rate and hit the ground at approximately the same time. Gravity is ever-present in our lives whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, just like God.


Yesterday Pastor Pete read from Mark 2: 1-12, about the man who had the best friends he could hope for. While Jesus was teaching in a local home this man, who by the way was lame, was carried by his friends, who then tore a hole in the roof of this house to lower the lame man down to see Jesus.


What did Jesus do? Well first he forgave the man his sins. This may seem simple enough, until you dig into the meaning of what this meant to the lame man. In New Testament times the belief system of the time was that if someone had a disability it was because of the sin of someone, whether that person or their parents. For Jesus to say his sins are forgiven was a huge statement that meant Jesus was offering God’s grace to this man.


Jesus then asks the Pharisees if it is easier to say his sins are forgiven or take up his mat and walk. To me, the modern day, Western-thinker I would say it’s easier to say your sins are forgiven because you can’t tell me I’m wrong. But Jesus offered grace to a man who was shamed because his infirmity would have been his mark of sin. But because this man’s friends had faith and believed Jesus could heal their friend, God’s grace was extended.


So then, where is your faith? Do you have the faith of the friends to take a lame man, marked by sin to the healer? Is your problem the size of a ping pong ball, a baseball or a bowling ball? Does it matter? God’s grace, like gravity will be there to love and forgive you. You don’t have to be perfect or have it all together. If any of us waited to have it all together then we would be afloat without the power of God’s grace to hold us down.



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  1. Our inherent nature of sin is in fact in gravity which is earth . Grace is supernatural I feel God became gravity but He is not like gravity He created it but it’s fallen we were cast out of the garden and so earth is damaged good coexistent with evil . I agree to a point but I just been having a hard time embracing this analogy because it is a wrong one we can tweak it and make it make sense but it’s all about Gods supernatural indescribable perfection of grace undeserved was given even at the fall but it is not like gravity it meets us at what’s fallen grace became gravity that we might recognize our broken condition and see the need . Forgiveness of sins if you need to use some scripture would apply to a sinful act but in this case you are using the Pharisees wrong theology as a way to show him being outcast well that was not an action of sin that broke any of the 10 commandments so who is this for we don’t even see it that way anymore even non believers don’t but it’s a clever and good message it sounds good but it’s wrong I feel you can apply it to the woman caught in adultery and show grace met at gravity to forgive her sin and the judgment but he says sin no more , the paralytic man was according to even your own words supposed to be applied to the wrong view of Pharisees beliceing that we were sick because of a lack of faith . Jesus being God is God the Creator the Word become flesh or well gravity to show all the ways He wants to reach anyone with forgiveness that divinity “became ” gravity not that it is like it . He choose to walk in our shoes but is not quite like gravity . Just my humble opinion we all can look at it so many ways thankful for a forum to get this worship in spirit and truth off my chest I know we are one body many parts and you are quite a good disciple still better than I.

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