Connections are made and sometimes broken. It can be a telephone conversation, a relationship or a power line. There are times when the space between two people becomes so great they no longer know each other.

Have you ever lost a connection you wished you had not? While I don’t recommend living life with regrets there can be moments that seem to pass us by and we cannot get them back.

I look back at my childhood and have great memories of time spent with friends. At the time you believe things will never change. I recently ran into a friend I’ve known for a very long time. We never lost contact completely, but our connection shorted out. We graduated from high school and we grew up. But somehow we are still living in the same town. When I see this person I think back to all the fun we had, whether at our homes, church or family trips. Part of me wants that back. Then I look around and realize I will never get back those moments. I have a grown-ups life now. I am married, have 2 children and drive a minivan.

I have friends from high school and before that I thought I would be friends with forever and others I did not think would last. Today my closest friend is from high school, and while we spent 4 years together as friends I never thought we would stay close beyond. Now we are as close and any 2 friends can be, even being in each other’s weddings. Thank goodness we didn’t discount the time spent together and have been able to forge ahead with good times we can recall and laugh about now.

Not all lost connections are bad or regrettable. You’ve heard the phrase I had to kiss a few frogs to find my prince. So yes, while romantic connections can hurt when they pass it may be the start to your future with the person you are meant to be with. I remember being heart-broken at one point in my life over a romantic connection that I thought should have lasted. It took 4 years before I met my husband but once I met him I knew he was the one.

The one I thought I “lost” did not respect me or my ambitions. I foolishly thought he was the one because there weren’t a lot of others lining up. Considering what I had to go through to get to where I am leaves no regrets. I think if I had met my husband even 10 years ago we would not have made the same connection. We were both in very different spots in our lives 10 years ago and finally when we met we were ready for that moment in time to bring us together.

So are you missing a connection you once had? Or are you hoping to make new connections in the future? Or are you looking to severe a current connection? Keep your options open and you never know where the road will lead.


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