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My Credo


CredoYesterday in church we were challenged with writing our Credo. First thing that came to mind what the song Creed by Rich Mullins. I remember I had to memorize the Apostles’ Creed in college and most of it stuck with me, but I think because the song really lays it out. Then Pastor Pete shared his Credo. It is much longer than the Apostles’ Creed but also detailed in a way that makes one think about what they truly believe.

I was really distracted in church yesterday with the thought of Easter coming and the significance. Pastor Pete mentioned the weight of carrying one’s cross. We think that by wearing a cross around our neck we are making a statement of carrying the cross of Christ. Then he mentioned the cost and what it meant to the people with Jesus. You could not enter the gates of the city without passing by the “criminals” that had been put on a cross to die outside the city walls. We modern-day Christians have no clue what it means to carry one’s cross. “Take up your cross and follow me”, was Jesus’ words to his followers. They had to essentially die to be with Christ. How many of us are willing to do that today?

Side note: I hate to admit this, but the other day I had my 9-year old with me at Target and I asked her why we celebrate Easter. She told me, with no hesitation, we celebrate the Easter bunny. What a blow!

For me Easter is a time of remembrance and celebration. I hope to instill in my children the true meaning of our holidays and why we celebrate them.

But getting back to my Credo and what I believe. I know this will be a work in progress but I remember in my systematic theology class in college, Professor Truett Bobo challenged me. I went into BethanyBibleCollege with a list of what I believed but not why I believed. I left Bethany with a new understanding of what I believe and why.

Now I have the challenge of putting down my beliefs on paper and re-examining my system of beliefs. I know they have changed since my bible college days. I know I try harder to actually love people as Christ loves them and not just say I do…to embrace a person for who they are and not for their situation.

I challenge you now to do as I am doing. What do you believe? And why? Is it grounded in what you’ve been told? Or is it deeper than that? Do your beliefs actually mean something to you?