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The Good in All of Us


ImageI have been wrestling with the post I would write this week in light of Monday’s horrific bombing in Boston. I have been brought to tears by the extreme violence and graphic images shown and described via media news outlets. As I listened to President Obama describe some of the immediate actions taken by those in the Boston area at the time I was once again brought to tears driving home last night.

My heart aches with and for those affected by this tragedy. There are stories of bravery and unsung heroes on-hand and ready to help and not flee. Runners still in the marathon changing course to the nearest hospital to donate blood for the injured. Boston residents opening their homes to dozens of people to get them to safety off the street. Student doctors showing up to help not because they were called to, but because there was a need.

I remember back to September 11, 2001 and how our way of American life was forever altered. It wasn’t supposed to happen here. Not to us. We’re safe. As we know, we were wrong. I lay in bed last night crying to my husband who tells me these things are happening all over the world and I think, yes, they do, but we don’t live all over the world. We live here.

To some extent there is a great disconnect because these 2 specific bombings happened on the East Coast and therefore the West Coast still feels secure, but it’s all a façade.

I’m reading Home Front this week, about a mother in the National Guard who gets sent to war in 2005. It talks about the selfless sacrifice of our nation’s soldiers who are called and they go. They leave their family and they go. They hear the call and they go. And this week our nation heard the call from a bomb at a race on Patriot’s Day in Boston, and they responded.

It brings joy to my sad heart that good does still exist in the world. I believe we are all capable of doing good even if we choose not to act.

My husband mentioned last night how a bombing like this can make people question God. I immediately thought, NO! I remember shortly after 9/11 a poem being read at church. I believe it was titled “Where was God?” I could be wrong.

But what I remember is God was everywhere. He was with the passengers on every flight. He was with the pilots who were overtaken. He was with the people in the TwinTowers as some escaped with their lives and others never came home. He was there comforting the hearts of the victims and their families. He was with the first responders who heard the call and came running. God was very busy that day.

And even now I take comfort in knowing God did not allow this to happen. I could go on and on about the effects of sin in our world, but just knowing that bad things will happen and God will always be there brings comfort to my heart.

I pray peace to those grieving and in pain and I take comfort in knowing in the midst of chaos and destruction the good in all of us can overcome the bad things in the world.