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Does Your Life Matter?


Words cannot express the overwhelming sense of sadness that has filled our nation once again with a senseless act of violence too horrific for words. Yet today, as the rest of the world moves on with their day, 2 young children were laid to rest in the community of Newtown, Connecticut.

I have a 9-year old and 19-month old daughters who I can only protect so much, but this insanity that has rocked the holiday season makes me fear for their safety when I can’t be there with them.

I was listening to talk radio today and found a quote which I think makes a lot of sense to the happenings in our world today.

“Everybody wants to be known, and everybody wants their life to matter. Everybody wants their life to have meaning.”  – Rush Limbaugh

Regardless of how we feel about the talk show host or not, his words are truly hitting home today. We live in a social media world where people over-share their lives on a daily basis. You can find out what someone is doing from their waking moment to going to bed at night.

Yes, I love keeping up with my friends I can’t see, but it doesn’t mean I need to take a picture of my breakfast for the world to see. A confession…I have always had dreams of being a movie actress. What does that say about me? It means I want to be known and I want my life to matter.

I was 25-years old when I fell in love with my oldest daughter. I adopted for completely selfish reasons and will tell anyone that who tells me how wonderful I am for adopting. I wanted to be a mother. I wanted my life to matter in the life of someone else. When I die and there are no more regrets I want to know that my life meant something to someone. But you know what, it does.

I am loved by a man I never thought I would meet and I matter to him. I am loved by a 9-year old who needed someone to love and raise her, and I mean something to her. I am loved by my 19-month old daughter who knows nothing of fear and craziness in the world and to her I am her world. I am loved by my parents who have raised me the best they could and then let me go (although I keep coming back) and I matter to them. I am loved by my sisters and their families and I matter.

I could go on and on, but knowing I matter and that my life has meaning outside the confines of my own mind, means I have something many people don’t have. I have the knowledge that my life is worth something. I ache for the children and adults who don’t have the reassurance that their lives are worth something and they matter to someone out there.

So whether this is you struggling to find meaning in your own life or you are part of a larger community and have people that need to know they matter, tell them. Open up to those around you. Yeah, we may think you’re crazy but chances are we are not going to reject you. We all have some amount of crazy and what is “normal” is all relative. Be someone who matters to someone else. Let your life have meaning by giving beyond yourself and being the change someone desperately needs.


A Life Remembered


This weekend I attended a funeral for a woman whose life was cut short at the age of 36. I hadn’t seen her in many, many years but still I felt compelled to attend the service.

Our lives crossed paths as children in elementary school and she was a good friend on my sister, Katie. I sat listening to the memories people had to share and I had my own to share. What I heard other people saying were about the woman who was a wife, a mother and a teacher. The girl I knew was quiet and liked to sing.

Apparently she hadn’t sung in public in years and yet my memories of her only involve music. She will be missed by many who knew who and were currently in her life as well as those, like myself who have not seen her in awhile.

I am reminded how fleeting life can be and how we should each live life to the fullest. You never know when you might not wake up the next morning. Thank you for the inspiration to live a life worth remembering!!!

The Brevity of Life


How do I approach this subject? With the reality that we will all die someday? Or that we should live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment we have?

I have never handled death well. I was 7-years old when my step-grandfather passed away. That was my first experience, in my mind. He lived 3 hours away with my grandma and while I knew him, I was not close to him. Both my father’s parents are still alive and while they were my favorite people when I was young I have seen them change and with the years come the frailty and reality that they have lived a good life and death is the next step. I don’t want to sound harsh, but they are 86 and 92 years old and truly have had fulfilled lives.

Yesterday I was shocked to learn that a girl I knew as a child, now a woman around my age died last week, suddenly and without warning. She was a wife, a mother, a daughter and many other things. I have been reading the outpouring of love this community had for her and how involved she has been over the years. It saddens me and scares me at the same time. She leaves behind her parents, older sister, husband and three children. The youngest is only 21 months and reminds me that even my life has a limit and makes me cherish my daughters, husband and family even more.

I can only pray her family finds peace through this, although everyone will probably grieve in their own ways. My heart breaks for her husband who has lost the love of his life and her children who will grow up without their mother. Why do bad things happen to good people? I wish I knew.